Securiworx have a staff compliment of 5 dedicated install personnel and 3 dedicated vehicles to ensure that response times to client requests is kept to an absolute minimum. These numbers are set to increase in the future.

Securiworx technicians can do repairs to any type of security system even if it is monitored by a different armed response company. We  also test alarm signals back to your monitoring company and provide the client a print out  if requested. All Securiworx alarm systems communicate on the CID format ( Contact identification). This is a standard format used across the world. CID format means that your response company should be able to identify the the alarm that was triggered, eg: "LOUNGE AREA MOTION SENSOR" and so on. To identify the zones the response company's control room would need the zone information from the client. Securiworx alarm systems can be linked to any armed response company of the clients choice. It can also be linked to the client's cell phone or computer system. Most systems can be controlled from anywhere in the world with a cell phone or computer system.

All camera systems, electric fence systems, fridges, water tank levels, etc can also be linked to our alarm systems. Perimeter lightning, closing of fire doors, air conditioning on or off can be activated when the alarm is triggered. The motion sensors in the house can be programmed to switch the lights and air conditioning off, if there is no movement in that area for a programmed time period. This is a great way to save on electricity bills.

What ever the client needs, we can make it happen.











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